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Construction carpenter cover letters serve as the impression-making gimmick. You can use your cover letter to show you are alert and attentive and that you have the talent to perform the job.

Targeting the employer’s needs in your cover letter is important.

Cover letters usually focus on the future as opposed to resumes that primarily focus on your past. Telling a hiring manager what you could do for them in a letter is more important than telling them what you have done for another employer in the past.

In your cover letter, you should mention that you are open to new ideas, results-driven, energetic and cooperative.


Construction Carpenter Cover Letter Sample


35 Nelson Street
Greer, SC 92012

March 2, 2017

Mr. Richard Bronson
Manager Human Resources
Hamilton Construction
4579 Aster Road
Greer, SC 99902


Dear Mr. Bronson:

As a dedicated and experienced construction carpenter, my overall objective is excellence in carpentry work. I have a track record of planning, coordinating and performing a wide range of carpentry work.

My specific expertise lies in:

• Ensuring project safety rules and regulations are followed during the execution of work
• Designing, constructing, remodeling retrofitting and repairing interior and exterior wooden structures
• Securing furniture and fixtures for earthquake preparedness
• Using power tools such as nail guns, circular saws and sanders

I am highly familiar with blueprints and specifications, which in turn make it quite easy for me to work in compliance with applicable building and safety codes and regulations.

If my professionalism and dedication to service and excellence interests you, I think we should meet. I will call you on next Wednesday to see when we can meet.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Scott Freeman
(000) 000-8547
Scott @ email . com

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