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Coming across so much resume writing advice on the Internet can often become overwhelming. What is right and what isn’t? How does one tell? True, telling good advice from not so good one is confusing. The best way to go about it is to pick up the advice that suits your case particularly and not bother much with the rest.

Every position has different requirements so it stands to reason that every resume should be different too. Resumes should be focused on the individual for whom it is written. It should not merely chart out an overall view of what the candidate should look like. It has to be personal.

Take a peek at the following resume sample for a concrete construction worker position:


Concrete Construction Worker Resume Sample


Evans McDonald

893 Cedar Rock Meadows ? East Greenwich, RI 63542 ? (000) 593-2525 ? evans @ email . com


Summary: Physically dexterous construction worker with a track record of performing an array of manual labor tasks at construction sites. Especially focused on leading concrete construction projects through deep insight of using correlating tools, machinery and materials. Documented success in efficiently handling excavations, erecting scaffolding and cleaning up job sites.

• Well-versed in the use of power and hand tools such as earth tampers, cement mixers, mechanical hoists and measuring equipment
• Demonstrated expertise in reading and interpreting construction plans to determine specific work activities
• Qualified to work in correlation with masons, carpenters and plasterers


• Blueprints Reading • Site Maintenance • Hand and Power Tools
• Finishing • Drain Installation • Hazard Prevention
• Concrete Mixing • Caulking Equipment • Compound Mixing
• Cutting And Shaping • Dismantling • Area / Volume Calculations

• Directed the work of a 52-strong team of unskilled and semi-skilled construction workers for 3 special projects
• Met 5 close deadlines by putting in double shifts for 5 weeks
• Conducted 18 workshops on creating awareness of workplace hazards and safety precautions
• Trained 4 groups of concrete construction workers in the use of small power tools


Concrete Construction Worker | 6/2009 to Present
• Study work plans and blueprints to determine how a construction projects needs to be started
• Measure and mark exact locations where construction work needs to take place
• Ascertain that job sites are cleared of debris and hazardous objects
• Dig trenches and ditches and level earth to grade specifications
• Mix concrete by ensuring appropriate amount of ingredients and position forms so that cement can be poured into them
• Coordinate with equipment operators to ensure alignment and adjustment of machinery and materials
• Load and unload materials and machinery and distribute them to appropriate locations on the work site
• Assist craft workers such as masons and carpenters in finishing up their work
• Tend pumps, compressors and generators so that appropriate amount of power can be generated for tools and machinery
• Grind and sand surfaces by using abrasive tools and machines
• Assist in performing building weatherization tasks such as window repairing and insulation installation
• Tend to machines that pump concrete, grout and cement through spray guns

HELGA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, East Greenwich, RI | 1/2007 to 5/2009
Construction Helper
• Cleared job sites of debris, trash and other hazardous materials to keep it ready for impending construction work
• Ascertained that sufficient tools are acquired and distributed to the construction laborers
• Assisted in operating hand and power tools and provided backup during tight deadlines or workforce absenteeism
• Tended to concrete machines and mixed and poured cement and grout in designated places
• Collected tools at the end of each shift and accounted for everything in the inventory

G.E.D: GREENWHICH HIGH SCHOOL, East Greenwich, RI – 2008

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