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Falling under the broader category of construction laborers, concrete construction workers specifically handle the duties associated with managing concrete projects on a job site. But this does not mean that their work is only limited to this – they also manage other aspects of construction work.

General Description

Concrete construction workers perform a lot of physical tasks which is why they have to be strong and possess manual dexterity. Operating hand and power tools is all in a day’s work for them so they have to possess knowledge of using them safely and effectively. Many concrete construction workers are hired on as apprentices and then trained in the field. Since there aren’t many vocational schools that teach construction work, this arrangement works well for both worker and employer. The employer gets to train an individual whom he will hire on for work and the apprentice gains valuable work experience, with promises of a job.

To work as a concrete construction worker, one needs to be extremely efficient and detail-oriented. There are little details in construction work that cannot be overlooked as it may mean that an entire structure is at risk – and the people associated with it. Working at this position is skilled manual work and at times, you may also be required to oversee the work of semi-skilled or unskilled labor working on the site. Leadership qualities are also important.

Following is a list of job duties of a concrete construction worker:

Concrete Construction Worker Job Description Sample

• Comprehend construction work activities by reading blueprints and comparing them to work orders
• Ascertain that job sites are cleared of debris and hazardous materials
• Erect structures and handle demolition work on sites and put up scaffolding
• Mix appropriate amounts of sand, cement and water to form appropriate concrete mixture
• Dig trenches by using hand and power tools and break up concrete
• Place filling into forms and ensure that they are compacted properly
• Apply cleaning solvents, caulking, adhesives and sealants
• Install prefabricated building components and prepare sites for masonry work
• Apply plaster and stucco and repair and replace damaged bricks and tiles
• Cut, shape and install tiles and stones
• Tend to pumps, generators and compressors to ensure sufficient power for power tools and equipment
• Perform smoothing activities on freshly poured concrete by using floats, screeds and trowels
• Maintain machinery and tools used in construction work
• Handle weatherization tasks including window repairing and insulation installation
• Ascertain appropriate supply of construction materials and help unload them from the delivery trucks

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