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Creating a resume that translates into “winning results” for the employer is a challenge, especially if you are writing one for a position of authority. You do not only need to prove to the employer that you are good at your work but also that you can handle a team of people effectively. And this cannot be proven by merely stating your responsibilities.

Both the accomplishments and qualifications sections need to come into play here. Be very specific when you write these.

For instance, for a carpenter foreman position, your resume should be written along these lines:


Carpenter Foreman Resume Sample


Sean James

3265 Laurel Hill Drive | Burlington, VT 05121 | (000) 524-8545 | seanjames @ email . com


Competent in planning, organizing and scheduling work of skilled and semi-skilled carpenters.

Performance Profile: Organized and goal-oriented Carpenter Foreman with an inherent ability to effectively coordinate carpentry and related activities, with the aim of ensuring timely completion of projects. Demonstrated ability to assess equipment, materials and labor needs to complete complex construction and maintenance tasks. Effectively selects and train carpenters and ensure that they gain thorough insight regarding safety regulations.


– Time/Material Estimation – Safety Standards – Workplace Safety
– Scheduling – Wastage Prevention – Manpower Utilization
– QA/QC Procedures – Site Inspection – Safety Precautions
– Scaffold Rigging – Structure Dimensions – Continuity Maintenance


Baker Construction Company, S Burlington, VT (6/2014 to Present)
Carpenter Foreman

• Save a client’s $4500 by securing the services of a local material supplier
• Train 11 groups of carpenters and masons in following workplace safety procedures, thereby reducing onsite accidents
• Confer with clients to determine their need for carpentry services
• Provide clients with cost estimates and negotiate contract agreements
• Acquire materials, labor and equipment according to each project’s specific requirements
• Create and disperse schedules to ensure proper deployment of labor
• Maintain liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure prompt delivery of materials and equipment
• Oversee the work of masons and carpenters to ensure that they are following instructions

City Co, S Burlington, VT (5/2011 to 6/2014)
Carpenter Foreman

• Implemented a wastage prevention system which decreased the overall cost if materials by 54%
• Introduced dedicated quality assurance and quality control procedures, reducing the need to redo entire carpentry modules
• Established workplace safety standards and ensured that all workers comply
• Inspected buildings and structures to determine need for repair and coordinated activities to ensure that these are met
• Created reports on labor and materials acquired to ensure that every dollar spent was within the budget
• Provided support and instruction in following complicated design structures by constantly overseeing and providing input

Accord Restoration, S Burlington, VT (1/2008 to 5/2011)

• Constructed building frameworks such as wall studs and door frames
• Measured and cut wood, plastic and fiberglass to meet specification laid out in the master plan
• Inspected and replaced damaged wooden frameworks and fixtures
• Used chisels, planes and saws to shape materials and repair and erect structures
• Replaced weather stripping and set up scaffolding
• Performed finishing work such as wood polishing and buffing

Associate of Science in Construction Technology – 2007
Community College, S. Burlington, VT

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