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Are you usable for an employer as a cabinet installer? Will you do exactly what the employer wants you to do? Can you take instructions? And how much are you willing to contribute to the organization where you intend to draw your salary and benefits? All these questions will be looming in the hiring manager’s mind during the time he is making that very important decision to hire you. What can you give to him to make him believe that you will not disappoint him? Tell him how skilled you are in each of the areas where his expectations are high, and enjoy the results!

Your skills are not for you to keep. They need to be communicated to a hiring manager so that he can gauge what your suitability is. Once this information is processed by a hiring manager / employer, he can see that you are indeed a good person to hire, who will bring results according to how he needs them. Show off a little in your resume. Tell the employer what makes you tick. Talk about what your skills are, and how you can and have used them to make a positive impact on the company.

To see how you can do this, refer to the cabinet installer skills statements provided below:

Sample Skills for Cabinet Installer Resume

• Highly experienced in determining customers’ cabinet making and installation requirements and constructing and installing them in accordance with them

• Proven track record of effectively creating cost and materials estimates while remaining within the limitations of budgets provided by customers

• Well-versed in setting up and operating a variety of woodworking machines and using various hand tools to perform cabinet making and installation work

• Demonstrated ability to study blueprints and designs and effectively plan sequence of cutting and shaping operations

• Familiar with marking exact and accurate outlines of parts on lumber stock, in sync with design specifications

• Exceptionally talented at trimming component parts to ensure snug fits, with the help of tools such as planes and chisels

• Competent in gluing, fitting and clamping parts of and subassemblies together to form complete units, with the help of clamping machines

• Proficient in determining size and depth of space where cabinets need to be installed, and working around reach limitations

• Adept at cutting and fitting glass into cabinet frames, in accordance with specified designs and specifications

• Effectively able to perform polishing and buffing work on installed cabinets to give them a professional look

• Skilled in repairing installed cabinets, by effectively and safely using carpenter’s tools and woodworking machines

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