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A resume has to be built and an application has to be sent to a prospective employer if you are thinking to apply for an apprentice carpenter position. How do you go about it? Will you have trouble meeting the requirements of a well-written resume? Will your candidacy be rejected only because you are applying for an apprentice job? The answer to all these questions is no! You will not be rejected and you will have no trouble.

What you have to do however, is plan your resume appropriately to make sure that it doesn’t come across as a hopeless one. An apprentice carpenter’s resume for instance, has to be extremely well-written. Why? Simply because you have to make up for lack of experience through mention of skills and qualifications. If you are applying for an apprentice carpenter’s position, it is obvious that you have some knowledge of the job and possibly some experience too. It is this knowledge that you have to build up on.

Granted that resumes are challenging to write, especially if there isn’t much to boast about experience. But if you can eloquently emphasize your positive points that will help the employer, you have a great chance at worming yourself in!

So let us review that following resume sample of an apprentice carpenter:


Apprentice Carpenter Resume Sample


Herbert Mantis

378 Lea Lane ? Alexandria, VA 274620 ? (999) 999-9999 ? herbertmantis @ email . com

PROFILE: High energy individual with deep knowledge of carpentry and building maintenance. Tenacious and resourceful; will work any hours necessary and will always find a way to get projects done within specified deadlines.


• Known for safely operating basic hand and power tools used in handling carpentry work
• Demonstrated expertise in reading and interpreting blueprints and building plans to gauge work direction
• Familiar with measuring, cutting and shaping wood, plastic, fiberglass and drywall
• Proficient in constructing building frameworks, using large pulleys and cranes


• Rigging hardware • Framework repair • Prefabrication
• Remodeling • Concrete mixing • Calibration
• Installation • Finishing • Sanding


Alexandria High School, Alexandria, VA | 6/2014 to 12/2014
Volunteer – Shop Class
• Assisted in selecting appropriate materials and equipment for creating class projects
• Positioned and held panels in place so that they can be assembled properly
• Selected tools to drill holes in timbers or lumber
• Smoothed and sanded surfaces to remove ridges and tool marks
• Glued parts together using appropriate application tools and procedures
• Kept record of materials, tools and equipment to be used in carpentry projects

Diploma: SOME SCHOOL, Alexandria, VA | 2014

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