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To the point, informative and well-written is what a cover letter should be all about. All the information that you put in needs to be absolutely relevant to the job that you are applying for. Writing a computer systems specialist cover letter that is generic in nature will lose you points. For every position that you apply for, make sure that your cover letter is written in a targeted manner.

As far as actual cover letter writing goes, research is the name of the game. Finding out what the employer wants will help you write a cover letter that he will like to read. Once you have found out what the company is looking for, analyze what you have to offer. Make a list of skills, qualifications, competencies and experiences that you can bank on to get you the job. Do they align with the employer’s requirements? Yes? Okay, you are good to go. If all of them do not align, there must be some that do. Mention only the ones that do and do not bother talking about the rest.

Delve deeply into what you have written once you have finished writing a cover letter. Make sure that no mistakes are evident. Proofread many times and change sentences if you have to. But never leave your content in a state that forms a bad impression on the reader.


Computer Systems Specialist Cover Letter Sample


Ronald Hayes
542 Keele Street
Richmond, VA 75222
(333) 333-3333
Ronald @ email . com

October 14, 2015

Ms. Angela Hamilton
Hiring Manager
People First
72 Royal Park Road
Richmond, VA 77104


Dear Ms. Hamilton:

Looking through the listing that you have posted on for a computer system specialist at People First, makes me think that I have hit the jackpot, and maybe you have as well. Don’t you love finding the perfect match? Let me briefly explain why I believe that I am the perfect choice to be hired at this position:

• Hands-on experience in providing technical support to applications on Windows, Unix and Android platforms
• Profound ability to install new networks and test and evaluate existing ones
• Adept at performing maintenance and troubleshooting activities on varied network systems and standalone computers and laptops

With over 12 years of experience under my belt, I have seen the rise and rise of technology which makes me all the more suitable to work for an organization that is looking for constant technological upgradation. I will be in touch with you to secure a meeting time next week. Should the need arise, I can be contacted at (333) 333-3333.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ronald Hayes

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