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Your resume writing endeavors can go to waste if you do not make an effort to stay with the times.

When you write a resume for computer hardware position, your focus should be on how the information in it will help the employer decide that you are his choicest candidate.

Once you understand what it is that the employer is looking for, you cannot fail.

The following resume sample can help you with the format:


Computer Hardware Engineer Resume Example



Jamie Jackson

58 Rose Lane | Cumberland, RI 12345 | (000) 541-3210 | jamiejack @ email . com


11+ years’ hands-on experience in designing and overseeing the production of computer hardware equipment. Deep insight into identifying hardware defects and isolating them, aiming to ensure proper resolutions. Effectively designs and tests circuits and other hardware and electrical components.

• Highly skilled in integrating developed components into final designs, placing special focus on conformity to design specifications
• Well-versed in evaluating the effectiveness of hardware designs and providing modifications when necessary
• Special talent for building, testing and modifying product prototypes, aiming to come up with the best possible design


• Support Peripherals Design • Prototype Modification
• Data Analysis • Process Refinement
• Theoretical Models • Computer Simulations Development
• Troubleshooting and Repair • Technical Specifications Development
• Hardware Configuration • Defects Isolation
• Electronic Circuitry • Hardware Testing


• Developed a unique motherboard that had the capacity to integrate all popular systems, including Windows, Apple and Android.
• Successfully troubleshot a hardware problem that had been in limbo for 3 weeks.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance on hardware modules, resulting in decreased incidents of breakdowns
• Singlehandedly developed technical specifications for 6 new hardware prototypes, within the given timeline


Computer Hardware Engineer
Inflow Inc., Cumberland, RI | 6/2010 – Present

• Conduct preliminary research to determine customers’ hardware requirements
• Create blueprints for hardware designs and ensure that production work is managed according to them
• Modify existing hardware to meet the dynamic needs of customers
• Develop specifications and documentation for new modules, placing special focus on integrity of information
• Analyze hardware configuration and process correlating solutions to ensure smooth running
• Diagnose and troubleshoot hardware including media and solid state storage devices
• Provide assistance in the design and development of electronic circuits and assemblies
• Monitor all hardware and associated processes to ensure compliance with standards

Computer Hardware Intern
General Dynamics, Cumberland, RI| 2/2009 – 5/2010

• Assisted in creating specifications for new hardware modules
• Provided support in troubleshooting and repairing existing hardware to minimize downtime
• Built, tested and modified hardware, ensuring that appropriate measures are taken in cases of non-conformity
• Assisted in designing support peripherals such as CPUs, disk drives and integrated circuits
• Test new and existing hardware modules to determine their efficacy and ensure that they are properly installed and in good working condition

Rhode Island State University, Cumberland, RI | 2005
Master’s in Computer Sciences
Major: Hardware Engineering

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