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Position Overview

A floral clerk is usually the only person you will meet when you venture into a flower shop.

This person is the be-all of a flower shop, ensuring that customers’ orders are properly noted down and carried out, and that all administrative functions associated with them are managed appropriately.

But this is not the main work of a floral clerk. A floral clerk’s main work is to create flower arrangements and displays in an aesthetic manner, ensuring that customers’ requirements are fulfilled.

Position Requirements

As far as formal education goes, one does not need to possess more than a high school diploma or a GED. What is expected of an individual hoping to work as a floral clerk is the ability to create beautiful arrangements of flowers, ensuring that customers leave happy, and return for more business.

The work is challenging in the sense that customers can ask for any type of arrangements, and unless you know most of what there is to know about flower arrangements, doing justice to the job may not be possible.

Working as a floral clerk means that you will be spending most of your day with customers. This is why excellent communication and interpersonal skills are important to possess. If this is the career line that you are hoping to pick up, you will be interested in the following list of duties that you will be expected to perform in this role:


Floral Clerk Duties and Responsibilities


• Greet customers when they arrive at the flower shop, and inquire into their choices.

• Provide customers with information on available flowers and show them around the place.

• Respond to questions regarding flower types, lifespans, and arrangements within bouquets and vases.

• Provide customers with pricing information of each arrangement, especially for special once requested by them.

• Listen to customer’s instructions regarding required arrangements, ensuring that all details are properly charted out.

• Provide suggestions regarding arrangements and placements of displays, according to customers’ event types.

• Inform customers about floral arrangement timelines for events such as weddings and parties.

• Accept cash and credit card payments for purchases, ensuring that change and receipts are tendered.

• Arrange flowers and complementing plants according to customers’ request, and wrap them in paper, foil, and ribbon.

• Ascertain that all displays remain fresh by giving them water, and ensuring that sufficient fresh air is provided.

• Retrieve customers’ orders from work areas, shortly before they arrive, so that they are delivered fresh.

• Ascertain that the assigned floral shop or counter is kept clean and neat at all times.

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