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General Overview

The position of a fast food cashier is favorite for students and high school graduates and has no specific educational requirements except a high school diploma or a GED. Fast food cashiers need to be knowledgeable about the food service industry. They need be able to handle food preparation activities and handle payments at the same time.

A fast food restaurant is a great environment for people who are quick and dexterous and have deep interest in the food service industry. They are usually trained specifically for the fast food chain or restaurant that they are working for and are required to follow specific instructions to handle their customers. They are also required to possess knowhow of handling cash machines and processing cash and credit and debit card payments.

Fast food cashiers need to be highly aware of their surroundings. At the beginning of their shifts, they are required to ensure that the eating area is clean and set properly. Most fast food cashiers are also responsible for food preparation activities – and cooking too! Typically, they have to:

• Be customer-service oriented
• Able to work in a fast-paced operating mode
• Responsible for establishing high customer service standards
• Able to follow standardized portion control
• Handle cashiering duties effectively

Following is a list of important duties and responsibilities for a fast food cashier resume:

Fast Food Cashier Job Description for Resume

• Greet customers as they approach the order counter and present them with the menu
• Provide customers with information on the day’s special and menu deals
• Take customers’ orders and punch them in the POS
• Provide information regarding total bill and process cash payments
• Process credit and debit card payments and provide customers with receipts
• Relay order to the kitchen and provide customers with information on the time it will take to prepare their order
• Perform food preparation activities to assist backend workers
• Pack prepared food items and add condiments and napkins
• Deliver dine-in orders to customers on their tables and hand packaged ones to take-away customers
• Ascertain the cleanliness of the order counter, tables and chairs
• Coordinate with cleaning crew to ensure that the restaurant is cleaned and sanitized regularly
• Count cash in the register at the end of each day and perform tallying activities
• Handle any discrepancies that may arise during cash tallying
• Ascertain that sufficient change is available at the beginning of each shift
• Replenish condiments and general supplies in service areas
• Handle any cash refund requests following food return, item exchange or complaints

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