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There are several different things that you have to keep in account when writing a cover letter for customer service cashier resume. Let us take a look what some of these are:

• Appearance and inclusion of vital information
• Writing style
• Tone appeal to the reader

All these are important on their own. How your letter appears is how you will appear to a prospective employer. Your writing style needs to chart you out as a person. Employers look for candidates who have the willingness to carry out directions properly. And your writing style can depict that. It also highlights how good you are at communicating in writing – a trait that every employer wants in whomever he hires, for whatever purpose.

The tone that you choose needs to be appealing. But how do you do that? You read your cover letter from the perspective of the employer. Gauge yourself from his eyes. See if your letter projects the image of a person that the employer would like to get to know better. Is the tone of your cover letter confident without being arrogant? All this matters tremendously. You have to be very straightforward when writing a cover letter, yet make your content an interesting read. And if it is a customer service position that you are applying for, you have to put in a little extra!

What follows is a cover letter sample for a customer service / cashier position. Have a look!


Customer Service Cashier Cover Letter Sample


Milly Manson
542 Wales Street
Kingston, OK 23654
(000) 444-4444
Milly @ email .com

May 29, 2015

Mr. Vincent Boyle
Human Resource Manager
Asian Box
2937 Catfish Road
Kingston, OK 27464


Dear Mr. Boyle:

As you and your team prepare to launch the Asian Box in Kingston, you will be seeking people with good customer service and networking skills. As a complete amalgamation of the roles of a customer service representative and cashier, I believe I am one of the people whom you will find able to augment your purpose in the market.

Working in retail is not without its challenges – but challenges are what keeps people like me rolling towards success. Having developed a unique talent for effectively juggling company representation and handling cashiering work in a retail capacity, you will find me eager and willing to go the extra mile to make things work during Asian Box’s teething period.

My core strengths lie in the following areas:

• Providing prompt customer services
• Operating a variety of cash machines
• Balancing transactions
• Zone merchandising
• Setting and maintaining plan-o-grams

I look forward to discussing this exciting opportunity with you and would welcome a chance to bond over a cup of tea. I will contact you regarding a possible interview next week. Should you need further information regarding my candidature, please contact me at (000) 444-4444.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Milly Manson

(Enc: Resume)

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