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Position Overview

Working as a sales associate in a bookstore is a dream come true for many people. People who love reading and books in general may find this work extremely satisfying.

Those who are not too interested in books may also find this work to be a joy. Typically, a person working as a bookstore associate makes sure that customers are provided with high-end services, in order to ensure repeat business opportunities.

Position Requirements

Eligibility criteria to work as a bookstore sales associate is a high school diploma at the very least. You will need to possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, along with deep familiarity with customer service provision and customer satisfaction metrics. Also, it is imperative for bookstore sales associates to possess exceptional knowledge of sales work, as it pertains to working in a bookstore.

To work as a bookstore sales associate, you also need demonstrated expertise in creating and maintaining effective liaison with book suppliers, and have it in you to perform research work about popular authors and their books.

Since you will be spending a lot of time communicating with customers, it is important that you know when a new book will come out, and basic plots of books that you are selling. Some of the main duties of a person working as a bookstore sales associate include:


Job Description for Bookstore Sales Associate Resume


• Welcome customers as they enter the bookstore and inquire into their book buying preferences

• Engage customers in conversation to determine their reading tastes and suggest books and authors accordingly

• Seek out customers within the bookstore and offer to provide help / assistance in locating their choice of books

• Provide customers with information on the location of desired books and resources, and assist them in bringing them to reading areas

• Lead customers through the cashiering process, processing credit card and cash payments, and tendering change and receipts

• Create and maintain liaison with book suppliers and vendors, to ensure timely and accurate delivery of books and resources to the store

• Clean and tidy bookshelves, and ensure that any out of stock book orders are placed in a timely manner

• Ascertain that all books are properly arranged and indexed according to instructions provided by the manager

• Price books according to specified instructions, and handle price markdowns and changes

• Balance the cash register at the end of the day, ensuring that all is in check, and handle any discrepancies on an immediate basis

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