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The whole kennel assistant resume writing saga may seem a bit over the top to some people but seriously, writing a good resume is the best thing that you can do to make your presence felt. Resumes begin to blur after hiring managers have been through a few dozen of them, and it will take serious effort on your part if you want to shine despite the situation.

If your resume is not amongst the first few that the hiring manager has gone through- and that is a gamble – you may have a lot to lose. A tired mind gathers no information – yes, we made that up but it is true. A hiring manager who is bleary-eyed from skimming through 3 dozen resumes will have neither patience nor inclination to try to extract information from yours.

But if your resume is written something like the sample given below, you may have a chance:


Kennel Assistant Resume Sample


Rose Long

15 S King Street ? Centralia ? WA 78532 ? (000) 745-6598 ? rose.long @ email . com


Professional Summary: Compassionate and devoted kennel assistant with an inherent love for animals and 13+ years’ experience in providing basic pet care. Able to effectively monitor pet movement and ensure their safety and wellbeing.

• Extensive capability of managing kennels and catteries, both logistically and in terms of direct animal care.
• Qualified to identify a wide range of dog breeds on sight and provide information of their characteristic behaviors.
• Adept at restraining animals during veterinary procedures by ensuring both their safety and that of the practicing veterinary doctor.
• Demonstrated ability to examine animals to detect behavioral changes and clinical symptoms indicating illness or injury.


• Feed Preparation • Animal Physicals • Pet Examination
• Laboratory Assistance • Scheduling • Surgical Procedures
• Safe Chemical Use • Inventory Handling • Exercise Regimens
• Vaccination • Pet Screening • Owner Education

COMPANION ANIMAL HOSPITAL, Centralia, WA (5/2008 to Present)
Kennel Assistant
• Examine animals to determine their physical conditions and log findings
• Determine the type of treatment needed before animals can be made part of the kennel residential services
• Keep enclosures clean and sanitized on a daily basis
• Ascertain that kennel animals are timely fed, bathed and groomed
• Take specimens for testing purposes and interpret results
• Provide new families with education on pet care and handling emergencies
• Assist pet owners in understanding their pets’ limitations and special skills
• Restrain unruly or scared animals and ensure that they are safely removed from areas that house people
• Clean and sanitize surfaces such as examination tables and surgical beds
• Maintain supplies inventory and liaison with vendors to ensure timely delivery

Key Achievements
• Reined in a free pet camp, through which 87% of the city’s pets were vaccinated
• Discovered a rare form of dog depression, now coined Dudd Syndrome in the State of Washington
• Implemented a series of dog exercises for pets being kept at the kennel for sale or recovery purposes
• Restrained a particularly agitated Doberman, thereby potentially saving the life of a little girl he was about to pounce at

JUST PETS, Centralia, WA (1/2002 to 5/2008)
Animal Care Aide
• Assisted in checking animals for diseases or conditions before admitting them into the kennel
• Handled first information services by providing pet seekers with information on available breeds
• Cleaned and sanitized animal enclosures, examination tables and surgical areas
• Managed supplies and equipment inventory and kept in close contact with vendors to ensure timely supplies
• Provided pet education to new families to ensure the wellbeing and health of both owners and pets

High School Diploma

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