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Cover letter writing experts says that a cover letter which is perfect is what bring results. The hiring manager who is going to read your cover letter has only one way to get to know you – through the document that he is holding in his hands. If your introduction is a good one, there are great chances of you getting to the next stage – the all-important interview.

What constitutes as good cover letter? Well, you cannot write just anything in a cover letter. The content of your cover letter needs to make a positive impact on the reader, and since you know yourself best, it is up to you to write a cover letter that is a good introduction of you – professionally. But cover letters are not just introductions – they also provide some information of what your skills and achievements have been so far.


Fiscal Assistant Cover Letter Sample


242 Workman Road
Princeton, NJ 12001

February 13, 2017

Mr. James Dean
Human Resource Manager
Golden Gate Regional Center
2 Kingston Avenue
Princeton, NJ 44525


Dear Mr. Dean:

I came across the careers section of your website, and discovered that Golden Gate Regional Center is presently looking to hire a fiscal assistant. Owing to the fact that I possess vast experience in handling payroll processing, financial reporting, accounts payable and employee benefits, I believe that my professional profile is what you are looking for.

Over the last 2 years that I worked as a fiscal assistant at Carmen Financials, I have obtained much training pertaining to reconciling employee cards and effectively researching inconsistencies, initiating purchase requisitions, preparing and processing deposits,and running routine and special budget reports. With great insight into using appropriate charting systems to post expenditures and purchases, and an exceptional ability to set up and maintain fiscal records, I am confident that I will be a great contributor, and help to the finance and management teams at your office.

Furthermore, I am specifically trained in preparing, maintaining and reconciling various fiscal and numerical records. Since I am great at performing detailed fiscal office work and possess the importance of prioritizing work and meeting crucial deadlines, I will be able to add to the fiscal management system of your organization in a profound manner. I will be in touch with your office soon, to see if a mutually convenient interview time can be arranged. Until then, you are welcome to contact me at (000) 355-2541.



Kate Blink

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