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It is unfair to not only the employer but yourself as well if you do not put in much thought while writing a resume for dog day care position.

You will be wasting the employer’s time and yours if you cannot highlight how good a candidate you are for a job.

Stop everything else when you write your resume. Pay attention to your resume only.

To see what format will work, have a look at the following sample:


Dog Day Care Resume Sample


Archibald Andrews

89 Tape Road | Coventry, RI 56903 | (000) 251-5655 | archieandrews @ email .com

 Dog Daycare Assistant

Summary: Compassionate and nurturing individual with an inherent love for animals, especially canines. Unmatched ability to provide physical and emotional support to dogs by employing exceptional skills in handling their needs. First-hand experience in grooming and bathing dogs, handling their unruly behavior, walking and feeding dogs according to their set schedules and dietary requirements.


• Dog Grooming • Diet Management
• Canine Therapies • Hygiene and Sanitation
• Play Area Management • Medication Administration
• Special Needs Assistance • Behavioral Management
• Exercise Assistance • Overnight Boarding Support
• First Aid • Canine Social Development

• Introduced a special canine social development program which proved to be 100% successful in training dogs with behavioral issues
• Saved a canine’s life by providing lifesaving first aid after an accident at the facility
• Implemented a special needs program for dogs with physical disabilities, resulting in increased membership
• Trained 12 volunteers to work at the facility by providing them with insight into the workings of the center


Dog Daycare Assistant
River Pet Resort, Coventry, RI | 5/2013 – Present

• Greet dogs and their owners when they arrive at the facility and indulge in banter with them
• Confer with owners to determine their dogs’ grooming and feeding requirements and update their charts
• Admit new dogs into the daycare program by acquiring information such as breed, weight and special habits
• Provide one on one care to dogs by ensuring their comfort and safety at all times
• Monitor dogs during rest hours to ensure that they are safe and comfortable with their surroundings
• Walk dogs on designated routes and assist them in taking part in therapeutic or regular exercises
• Administer medication or first aid (in sync with owners’ instructions) or in cases of emergency or accidents
• Ascertain that all areas, including play mats and houses are properly cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis

Dog Walker
Pets Galore, Coventry, RI | 2/2010 – 5/2013

• Took dogs of predefined walking routes as part of their exercise regimen
• Gave baths to dogs, according to the instructions provided by owners and ensured that their grooming needs were seen to
• Cleaned and sanitized dog play areas and quarters by following established cleaning and sanitizing protocols
• Provided assistance in training dogs to ensure that they meet behavioral standards
• Monitored dogs during their time at the center to ensure their physical wellbeing and security

High School Diploma – 2009
Coventry High School, Coventry, RI

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