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A landscape architect resume without an objective is considered watery at best. Writing a resume and opting to leave out this section is not sensible. Since the resume is supposed to be a structured document, it should begin with an ice breaker, allowing the hiring manager to get to know what it is that you want – that is, the purpose of the resume.

Writing a Landscape Architect resume objective may be riddled with difficulties if you do not know what it is supposed to communicate. Let us make it easy for you. The idea behind writing one is to introduce you to the hiring manager, and provide him or her with preliminary information about what your capabilities are.

It is important to make sure that your resume objective is built up upon in the rest of the resume, so make sure that you plan it that way. Once you have decided the layout of information in your resume, it will be easy to develop an objective. Typically, a resume objective should contain information of how skilled you are, and how willing you are to use these skills to benefit the company where you intend to work.

Resume objectives must never be too long – or mundane. They should be precisely written, and contain solid information about your skills. Here are some resume objective statements for a landscape architect position:


Landscape Architect Resume Objectives


• Highly organized Landscape Architect with over 10 years of experience performing site surveys, and planning and executing landscaping programs in a profound manner. Presently seeking a position at Bohler Engineering.

• Looking for a position as a Landscape Architect at Jacobs Inc. utilizing extensive experience in overseeing the design of a variety of projects, such as urban regeneration schemes, and road and rail schemes, aiming to maintain the character of all assigned sites.

• Landscape Architect with demonstrated expertise in conducting preliminary studies of sites, assessing sites’ potential to meet clients’ requirements, and ensuring delivery of correlating landscape designs, currently seeking a position at System Pavers.

• Desire a Landscape Architect position at Leo Berger’s Designs. Offering exceptional proficiencies in preparing site plans, specifications, and cost estimates, and effectively coordinating the arrangement of existing and proposed land features and structures, as per clients’ requirements.

• To obtain a Landscape Architect position with The Great Landscape Inc. Eager to apply exceptional insight into preparing graphic representations of proposed site plans, using technology such as computer-aided programs, and performing oversight and monitoring to all proposed projects.

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