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A cover letter for lineman apprentice resume is your chance to open a window into your professional life and let the prospective employer sneak a peek, before deciding to open the entire door to step in. In your cover letter, write more than the details of your experiences and qualifications.

The main body of your letter should include your personality traits and areas of expertise that address the qualities being sought after. It should highlight achievements that benefited your previous company while highlighting you as a shining employee. Pick your skills carefully and state your principles and work ethics wisely.

In case of a lineman apprentice, a prospective employer would be looking for someone who cares about safety rules and knows how to take and follow instructions from a superior. Include this information in your letter.

The following sample cover letter of a Lineman Apprentice is one place to begin.

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Lineman Apprentice Cover Letter Sample


65 North 6th Street
Nashua, NH 10201

December 16, 2015

Mr. Nigel William
Human Resources Manager
Otter Tail Power Company
10 Galway Rd
Nashua, NH 13062


Dear Mr. Williams:

Please dedicate a minute of your time reading through this cover letter and enclosed resume because my skills, resourcefulness and dexterity fit the definition of a Lineman Apprentice at Otter Tail Power Company.

I have a substantial background and thorough hands-on training in FELPS substations and distribution system. I have used computerized work order management extensively and am more than adept at operating equipment. You will discover that I am one of those lineman apprentices for whom safety procedures and potential hazards are second to his nature before performing jobs.

With working knowledge of switching operations for loop feed URD systems, I am capable of assisting lead linemans efficiently. You will find me agreeable, quick to understand, capable of taking risks in hazardous situations, eager to learn new things diligently. Furthermore, I hold a track record of increasing the efficiency of primary/secondary voltage conductors, both underground and overhead, by 25% through energizing them at regular intervals. My loyalty to my previous employer is exemplified by my contribution to reducing costs by 30%, simply by caring to dedicate maintenance time to equipment that demands it.

Let’s meet because I am sure a detailed talk would show you how beneficial I can prove to be as a Lineman Apprentice. Do contact me at (999) 999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Taylor West

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